Hello, I’m Christina from fabworking.mom

I am a mom of two teenagers boy and girl.

I’m currently studying Healthcare Administration in college for my Associates and have spent over 10 years working in the healthcare insurance/billing industry.

Since I was a teenager I always wanted to work in the healthcare industry. Once my oldest, my son, was born I knew that I need to get a job that’s towards my career and decided to go into Medical Insurance Billing & Coding. In 2007, I graduated and offically started my corporate job as a Medical Biller/Coder.

I have passion for what I do. I feel that no matter the size of the job it makes a difference. Especially with working in the healthcare industry typically a behind the scense type of career and does make a difference and small victories does make a difference to the clients and customers.

I decided to start my parenting blog because I’m a single mother working to provide for my family and that there is other working parents out there that needs the support. Having a parenting blog it makes you more conscious about how your parenting really is by reflecting on the achievements of your little ones and the struggles we have as parents that will enable us to improve our days.

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